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‘COLLABORATION’ is not just a Process, It’s a Core Value.

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

What do i mean by that? All the things that we learn or any newly acquired skill has some foundations and by foundations I mean the pillars that hold everything together and the base to take upon the weight of any skill that you are developing. So to make sure that we keep growing and piling all the newly gained knowledge or skill, we need to first make sure that our foundations can take up the weight of anything we put upon it. And that foundation is the core value that we build our skill upon.

As a creator we have often heard about this term called ‘COLLABORATIVE PROCESS’, but we don't really understand about the term until we take some time and truly try to understand it. Take this process as if it’s a Watch Mechanics. It all looks so simple when we look at a watch from outside. A dialed object which shows us time. So, how is the collaborative process equivalent to the mechanics of a watch. In a watch to turn those three little arms so precisely it takes the efforts of those hundreds of gears inside it to work together in sync and all the gears doing their job perfectly fine to push that other little gear and so on. If even one does not work the whole watch doesn't work. So, in the same manner to make audio visual art, all the artists in their specific art forms have to come together with one mutual intention of sculpting that product the finest form and shape, and this process of coming together to achieve one ultimate goal is called ‘Collaboration’.

Filmmaking is never a one man band, it's more of a circus.

It's never about one person, it's about everyone who puts that one perfect brick on top of another to make the perfect wall.

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