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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

I’m Nikunj Singh, I’m a freelance Cinematographer & Director from Mumbai, India.
In 2014, I moved from Odisha to Mumbai to pursue my love of film-making.  There I was privileged to have the opportunity to shoot and get practical experience with different aspects of Film making as a process. Further I self-taught myself about all the processes through the Internet and by collaborating with other filmmakers, which not only drew me towards the visual and technical elements of cameras and lighting techniques but also made me fall in love with the whole process and that is the reason why I believe a 'Filmmaker' is a better term to describe what I do than just a 'Cinematographer'.
I have been freelancing for 9 years as a cinematographer for travel shows, narratives, commercials, music videos, food, fitness and corporate media.  This experience gives me a wide range of knowledge on different camera systems that allow me to make an informed camera format choice based on the needs of the production.

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