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Nikunj is a freelance Cinematographer & Director hailing from Mumbai, India. In 2014, he followed his heart and moved from Odisha to Mumbai to pursue his love for film-making. Mumbai, the city of dreams, presented him with invaluable opportunities to shoot and gain practical experience in various aspects of filmmaking.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Nikunj embarked on a journey of self-teaching, utilizing online resources and collaborating with fellow filmmakers. This immersive process deepened his fascination with cameras and lighting techniques and ignited a profound passion for the entire filmmaking process. It became clear to him that the term 'Filmmaker' better captured the essence of what he did, surpassing the limitations of being called just a 'Cinematographer'.

For the past nine years, Nikunj has been freelancing as a cinematographer and director, working on a diverse range of projects including commercials, music videos, travel shows, narratives, food, and fitness. This extensive experience has equipped him with in-depth knowledge of storytelling and visual story architecture, enabling him to make informed decisions about camera formats based on the specific requirements of each production.

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